Saturday, January 24, 2009

A BIG Splash of Color

...and check out this amaryllis. I forgot about them at Christmas and now I'm kind of glad since the bright color is really appreciated on these dreary days.


So, for all you skeptics out IS getting bigger. I'm going on vacation for a week, so hopefully it will be much bigger and not all dried out when I return...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Rose!

So "winter sowing" isn't the only way to survive winter while still keeping your hands in the dirt a bit. There's also refrigerator sowing!! It works great for things like daylilys and roses which I've both done successfully in the past. This year, I don't have any daylily seeds, but was able to harvest some rose hips at a sports car race back in the fall. Rose germination takes a while, but I just keep mine in the vegetable compartment in the refrigerator and check them occasionally for signs of life. So far, only one has sprouted and here it is!! Doesn't look like much yet, but it has survived the critical first few days of transfer to dirt and is hanging in there. More photos will follow.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I was beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. And as you can see it wasn't all that much. I like the way all the winter sowing containers look with just a dusting of snow on them. The best part is knowing that inside those jars...things are happening!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Yeah! It's a New Year and MY mind naturally turns to a million different projects I want to accomplish in my garden this year (just kidding hubby!). Fortunately, it's freezing around here so no outdoor chores for a while yet (I can hear him breathing a sign of relief).

But inside, winter sowing is STILL going on--had a slight delay for another bag of dirt (thanks Sam's Club for whisking away your Christmas leftovers so quickly and putting back out the spring stuff).

Now these photos don't look like much now, but (hopefully) come March, I'll be able to show you little green seedlings in all these containers.

I have a walk-out basement with stairs going up to the back yard so it's the perfect place for my winter sowing--doesn't get direct sun and I just have to step outside quickly to access them.